Layla Land Dolls Fairy



Layla Land Dolls Fairy

Layla Land Dolls was started by Sophie, based in mid-Kent, her fairies are handmade and crafted to perfection. They measure roughly 16cm in height and come beautifully packaged in a kraft box. All Fairies dolls are created with wire which gives you the option to have your fairy standing, or sitting down.

The dolls are a gorgeous bedroom accessory or alternatively add a touch of magic in your homes. Could your fairy be a cheeky fairy? Could your fairy come out during the night and get up to mischief? Tooth fairy? The list is endless.

This is the perfect way to get the little one’s creativity and imagination whirring – will yours be a cheeky fairy, a ballerina fairy or perhaps it comes to life when your little one isn’t looking to get up to mischief.

Contains small pieces, please do not leave fairies unattended with small children.