Oast House Apiary Beeswax Melts – Jasmine


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Oast House Apiary Beeswax Melts – Jasmine

Jasmine – mood boosting, stress reliving, romantic scent with a sweet aroma.

All Oast House Apiary beeswax melts are hand poured in the heart of the Kent country side, making each one unique so they may differ slightly in colour, weight and size. Each beeswax melt is highly scented and has a minimum 8 hours of burning time. Pack of 2 wax melts included.

Oast House Apiary aim to be as environmentally friendly as possible and have worked hard to make sure all their packaging is recyclable or compostable and made in the UK. The product stickers and branding are all printed by a local company also based in Kent. Beeswax is a natural occurring product and more eco friendly than other waxes.

INGREDIENTS : Beeswax, Coconut oil, Premium fragranced oil

Never leave a naked flame unattended.
Make sure your wax melt burner is on a sturdy and heat resistant surface.
Keep out of reach of children and pets.
Do not consume these products.
CPL information available upon request.